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I am a vetted and certified Social Media Specialist with over 2 years of experience, fluent in key social media platforms, with an emphasis on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. My exceptional written communication skills allow me to craft effective tweets and posts that inspire user engagement and drive traffic.

In addition, I’ve worked with social media analytics tools such as Crimson Hexagon, Audiense and am proficient in analyzing a set of data and semantics from social media platforms such as Twitter. I’m then able to interpret and draw solutions from these sets of data and successfully strategize future social media campaigns based on them.

I have a passion for social media because it’s an effective tool for connecting people, and I’m an inherently social person. I enjoy communicating and developing positive relationships with consumers of different backgrounds, and also thrive when executing social media campaigns – regardless of the target demographic.

I’m confident that my abilities and experience in the world of social media will allow me to perform excellent work . If there’s interest on your side, I look forward to working and creating magic together.


Why me?

Why Me?

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Kindly don’t accept my accessibility, and let me gauge the errand for time and cost before you submit a request.

I generally put forth a valiant effort to give the greatest work to my customers, so if it’s not too much trouble, submit a request with certainty.

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