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Design, Develop & Dominate

In my portfolio, I proudly showcase an impressive array of landing pages tailored to various niches, including marketing, e-commerce, and aesthetically-driven beauty industries. With a deep understanding of these unique sectors, I’ve designed and developed landing pages that cater specifically to their distinct needs and requirements. For marketing niches, my landing pages boast strategic layouts....

Website Audit

I successfully audited the website for its credibility, performance, speed, user usability, and so on by using DMSI web auditing templates, Pingdom and GTmetrix. This audit gives recommendations for improvements to the website.

Website Design

I developed a full-blown responsive website for an electrical, and inverter/UPS installation, maintenance, and repair company. I created keyword content on the website by writing. articles.

Digital Marketing Projects

In my few years of experience in digital marketing, the following are the projects I have worked on: Content Calendar for my Omniplex Cinema and RCCG LP 70 website audit done for hay why digital landing page created for hay why digital. SEO traffic template for hay why digital. Customer avatar Social Media Management Google....

Website Design

This is a website I designed from scratch using WordPress and Elementor website builder tools and recently revamped. https://poshkeicare.com I also performed Technical optimization, On-Page optimization, Off-Page optimization, and Local SEO for the website.

Website Design

I designed the website for search engine optimization. Every website needs to rank on google and designing a website that ranks on google involves some level of technicality. The website is also optimized for speed, and well secured to prevent hackers. I also designed the website to optimize for email marketing. You need to be....