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Digital Marketing Strategist

I am an experienced Digital Marketer with over three years of experience- passionate about delivering exceptional marketing campaigns, content, and data-driven strategies with over three years of experience. I am a results-oriented professional with a knack for evaluating analytics and marketing campaign results to achieve clients’ business goals. I am a detail-oriented professional with competencies in leadership, result-orientedness, initiative-taking, integrity, and collaboration. I am also proficient in Canva, Figma, Google Suite, and Statistical data analytics. I am also fluent in Yoruba and English and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.




Client Success Manager

  •  Primeclick Media
  •  Jan 2023 - Present

• Successfully retained 98% of clients through effective relationship building and strategic communication, resulting in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
• Managed a high-performing team of professionals, ensuring that each member delivered 100% work output and met or exceeded project deadlines.
• Conducted comprehensive training sessions on cutting-edge tools and strategies, equipping the team with the skills and knowledge necessary to create successful marketing campaigns.
• Devised innovative strategies and implemented digital, web and social strategies to align with clients business goals, budget factors, which helped in achieving 99.9% of monthly KPIs.
• Successfully managed multiple client accounts and in-house projects, including event organization, resulting in a 100% satisfaction rate among clients and stakeholders.

Senior Account Manager

  •  Primeclick Media
  •  Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

• Monitored and analyzed campaign performance using data analytics tools, identifying areas for optimization and making data-driven recommendations to improve overall results.
• Facilitated client satisfaction and renewed customer relations by 89% to drive growth.
• Worked cross-functionally with various departments on projects.
• Continually maintained and improved company's reputation and positive image in markets served.
• Met deadlines, exceeded expectations and effectively rolled over ten supervised campaigns.

Content Strategist

  •  DivineAssitants
  •  Dec 2022 - Feb 2023

• Spearheaded the development of content strategies for various clients, prompting a 30% increase in social media engagement.
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams, incorporating designers, blog writers, and digital marketing specialists, to create compelling social media content that resonated profoundly with target audiences and drove conversions.
• Conducted market research and competitor analysis to stay up-to-date with industry trends, allowing for the creation of timely and relevant content that capitalized on emerging opportunities.
• Demonstrated exceptional project management skills, ensuring that all content was delivered on time and met or exceeded client expectations.
• Consistently exceeded performance metrics, including content quality, engagement rates, and earning recognition as a top-performing content strategist within the company.

Digital Marketing Manager

  •  Monospace Digital
  •  Mar 2022 - Aug 2022

• Spearheaded client meetings to determine project needs and professional requirements and identify correct course of action enhance client success.
• Tracked and capitalized on emerging industry trends to boost campaign performance by 98%.
• Managed relationships with high-profile clients and translated marketing and social media needs into results-driven strategies.
• Analyzed and provided weekly updates on digital marketing campaigns to clients, discussing strategic initiatives and methods for improvement.
• Developed marketing content such as blogs, promotional materials and advertisements for social media.


Nano Degree

  •  Udacity
  •  May 2021 - Jul 2021

Higher National Diploma

  •  Yaba College of Technology
  •  Feb 2019 - Nov 2019

Mass communication (3.07/4.00)

National Diploma

  •  Yaba College of Technology
  •  Mar 2014 - Mar 2016

Mass Communication (3.11/4.00)