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Asamkele M
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Without change, growth will not occur

I am a 21 year old confident in taking challenges, taking myself out of my comfort zone & exposing myself to vast opportunities that will have a positive impact in my life. A great team-player, friendly communicator, knowledgeable, proactive, disciplined individual and seeking to utilize and develop my skills and experience to contribute to the organizational goals and mission. A very active citizen who is passionate about playing her part in ensuring that the place she lives in becomes a safe space and poverty free not just for herself but the people that surround her as well.



  •  Sizanani Charity
  •  Mar 2021 - Jan 2022

I conducted research on social issues people from the townships faced and came up with programs that would be helpful to them. I hosted literature contest to encourage young and old to read books in order to improve their vocabulary and communication skills.
I established a program aimed at eradicating period poverty by providing fifty young girls with sanitary products to ensure that they do not miss school because of periods and they maintain the good hygiene standards even if they are menstruating.
Handed out food parcels to disadvantaged families in the townships, conducted drives such as clothing and foo drives to help people who were in need. Contacted vast businesses requesting for their hand in the initiatives we do. Hosted women empowering events and did gardening projects in the community


Business Administration

  •  Maharishi Invincibility Institute
  •  Jul 2022 - Jan 2024

It is a consciousness based institute that offers business and tech courses