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I can help you organically increase your web traffic and impressions by at least 50% in 4 months by deploying SEO best practices which include but are not limited to writing search engine optimized blog articles, web content/copy, etc.


I will help you research very low competitive keywords within your niche and then create search-engine-optimized blog articles around those keywords and additionally apply other SEO best practices that will collectively help to increase the click-through rate (CTR)  which in turn increases your website traffic.

Each blog article will contain a number of words you would like it to have. I recommend it should not be less than 1000 words. The cost for each blog article ranges from 5 naira to 20 naira per word.

Additionally, I am open to assisting you to build a secure, responsive and search-engine-optimized WordPress website.

I can also help you perform an SEO technical audit on your existing website and optimize it for a better visibility search engine ranking.

When your web content, blog articles and websites are well optimized for search engines, just know that you are in for a long-term profit.


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