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Do online advertising, facebook ads campaigns, Instagram ads, google ads.


Are you spending money on advertising but not getting the desired result you want?

Have you been wondering how you could set up a successful Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign?

Well, you have come to the right place!

D-lere know how to make your business fascinating to your target market in a more effective& modern way.

I provide you with all the solutions you are looking for to expand your online presence.

My advertising expertise is in:

  • Facebook Ads campaign and Instagram Ads.
  • Google search and Display Ads
  • Research plan and strategy
  • Target Audience
  • Installation of Facebook pixels
  • Ad copy and technical support
  • Setting up Business Manager
  • Brand awareness& engagement
  • Precise Retargeting
  • Ads management based on package
  • Consultation and Data Analytics report

what is special in my offering

  • 100% client satisfaction guarantee
  • Free customer support even when the deal is over.
  • Free consultation and Guidance
  • Free Audit of previous Ads campaign
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

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