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Customer Support And SEO Marketing Specialist

Dedicated Customer Support Specialist | Resolving Issues with Efficiency and Delivering Exceptional Service


Ecommerce Account Officer / Customer Support

  •  GIG Logistics
  •  Jun 2021 - Feb 2022

I played a pivotal role as a Client Onboarding and Relationship Manager, responsible for ensuring a seamless and compliant onboarding process for new clients. I worked closely with cross-functional teams and leveraged my expertise to build and activate E-commerce accounts, enabling merchants to establish a strong presence on our platform.

One of my key responsibilities was to provide exceptional customer support, addressing client queries and incidents via email and telephone. I took pride in delivering prompt and accurate responses, consistently maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Additionally, I actively resolved challenging client requests and issues, ensuring their concerns were effectively escalated and resolved.

In order to foster strong and lasting client relationships, I prioritized building trust and understanding with each client. By taking the time to understand their unique needs and providing personalized support, I successfully built a loyal client base. I also worked closely with the IT department to facilitate API integration for merchants, enabling them to seamlessly connect their systems with our platform.

In addition to my client-focused responsibilities, I actively contributed to the growth of the company. I played a key role in managing over 200 active users of a newly developed app, overseeing their onboarding, and engagement, and providing ongoing support. Furthermore, I generated leads through cold calling, identifying potential clients and effectively communicating the value proposition of our services.

Throughout my tenure, I successfully handled the deactivation of E-commerce accounts when required, ensuring adherence to company protocols and procedures. I also assisted with wallet reconciliation, meticulously reconciling financial transactions to maintain accurate accounting records.

Overall, my experience as an account officer at GIG Logistics allowed me to develop strong skills in client onboarding, relationship management, customer support, and business development. I am proud of my achievements in improving client satisfaction, streamlining processes, and contributing to the company's growth.

Ecommerce Customer Service Supervisor

  •  GIG Logistics
  •  Mar 2022 - Present

As a Customer Support Supervisor, I hold a multifaceted role that encompasses various responsibilities focused on optimizing the performance of the customer support team and ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

One of my primary responsibilities is to keep track of the progress and overall performance of the customer support team. Through regular monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), I identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to enhance team efficiency and effectiveness. I consistently provide constructive feedback, coaching, and guidance to team members, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Managing conflicts involving both customers and service representatives is another crucial aspect of my role. I adeptly handle challenging situations, employing strong interpersonal skills and a solutions-oriented mindset to de-escalate conflicts and reach mutually beneficial resolutions. By promoting open communication and fostering a positive work environment, I ensure harmonious relationships within the team and with customers.

An integral part of my responsibilities includes onboarding and training new call center and customer support team members on e-commerce products. I develop comprehensive training programs, conduct interactive training sessions, and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and consistent delivery of excellent customer service. This facilitates the team's ability to provide accurate and helpful information to customers, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

As the overall supervisor of the customer support team (e-commerce sector), I play a crucial role in coordinating team schedules, managing workloads, and ensuring appropriate staffing levels. I foster a collaborative and motivated atmosphere, promoting teamwork and individual growth within the team. I also facilitate regular team meetings to share updates, discuss challenges, and brainstorm innovative solutions.

Identifying and escalating unresolved issues to appropriate internal teams is a key responsibility in order to address customer concerns effectively. I collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as product development and technical support, to ensure the timely resolution of complex or persistent issues, contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Working alongside the management, I actively participate in designing new strategies for overall customer satisfaction. By analyzing customer feedback and market trends, I provide valuable insights to shape service improvements, process enhancements, and innovative solutions. I contribute to the development and implementation of customer-centric initiatives that positively impact the overall customer experience.

I do most of these with my team as it is important for me to carry them along in all these steps, to ensure no blind spot is missed while simultaneously helping them reach their full potential in their customer support career and leadership as a whole.

I consistently strive to demonstrate strong leadership skills, a passion for delivering exceptional customer service, and a commitment to driving team performance. I take pride in my achievements in optimizing team efficiency, resolving conflicts, and contributing to the overall success of the customer support team in the e-commerce department at GIG Logistics.


BA History And International Studies And Diplomacy

  •  University Of Benin
  •  Oct 2008 - Oct 2012

Certificate - Wordpress Development And SEO Optimization Specialist

  •  Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Aug 2023

Web Development And SEO Specialist ; Learning how to get a domain name, increase website security by installing SSL, Installing Wordpress, Theme and Plugin. Create and design Pages, Blog Pages, Posts and building an online store.
On SEO Optimization, I am learning; Google Analytics, Keyword research, Speed, Image and Security Optimization, On-Page Optimization.