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SEO Services, websites developer, and content creation services

I am a digital marketer with a bias in Search Engine Optimization services such as SEO Content Creation, keyword research, and website content optimization to improve organic search rankings using SEO techniques and strategies. I create engaging blog posts, articles, and other forms of content to build a robust online presence. I use Google Analytics to track performance metrics and identify areas for improvement by monitoring website analytics. I do On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO Audits.

Crafted Projects

Website Development

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel



Digital Marketing

  •  Digital Marketing Skill Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

Applied digital marketing concepts across the marketing functions of businesses and integrated traditional and digital marketing strategies that maximized output.

Customer Avatar and Research

  •  Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

I determined customer avatars by understanding my client’s target audience -who the target customers are and when, where, and how to target them to get results.

I did customer research using Google Ads, Google Chrome, and other similar search sites. I used many other tools as trained and tested at the Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

Website Conversion Funnel

  •  Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

I built a conversion funnel that gave businesses the desired goal of an increased number of valuable customers and sales

Landing Page

  •  Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

I developed high-converting landing pages using tools like Instapage that drove Conversion and generated leads that converted to sales/purchases.

WordPress Website & Ecommerce Development

  •  Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

• I developed and ran a website using WordPress
• I built a mobile-friendly website using Elementor
• I created an Online e-commerce store

Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing

  •  Digital Marketing Skills Institute
  •  Jun 2023 - Present

• I did Keyword Research for clients

•I developed result oriented digital marketing strategy

•I researched target audience groups in support of digital campaigns on social media

•I ran customer research using Google Ads, Google Chrome, and other similar search sites

•I audited websites

•I did On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, and

Technical SEO.

•I set up a Google Business Account

Data Analyst

  •  Pairview Limited
  •  Jul 2021 - Dec 2022

• Generated weekly reports, detailing findings and advising recommendations for strategic decision-making.
• Participated in requirements meetings and data mapping sessions to understand business needs.
• KPI Analysis
• Analyzed large datasets, drawing meaningful conclusions and providing actionable recommendations.
• Improved data integrity with rigorous auditing and cleansing.
• Analysed large datasets, drawing meaningful conclusions and providing actionable recommendations.
• Generated reports from extracted data for analyses.
• Provided techniques regarding data mining and data cleansing

Medical Laboratory Manager

  •  Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia
  •  Jan 2018 - Present

• In charge of the general administration of the Medical Laboratory Participate in the staffing process, from recruiting to compliance to new employee orientation and training.
• Laboratory work plan development and implementation.
• Resource planning and utilization.
• Ensure the training of laboratory personnel on new methods and Techniques for use in our Laboratories and application of World Health Organization (WHO) and other International or National standards.
• Ensure the execution of adequate training programs for medical laboratory personnel.
• Organized periodic seminars and workshop pieces of training on current Laboratory techniques and practices.
• Training of Intern Medical laboratory scientists and students on clinical posting.
• Preparation of annual report on laboratory services and personnel.
• Serving as a member of the Institutional Review Board (HREC) in FMC Umuahia reviews research protocols including expedited and full protocol reviews.
• Serving as a member of the Quality Management System Committee

Medical Laboratory Scientist

  •  Federal Medical Centre
  •  Jan 2004 - Jul 2017

Routine clinical analysis


Digital Marketing Professional Certified

  •  Digital Marketing Skill Institute
  •  Nov 2022 - Present

Certified in Digital Marketing, WordPress Development, and SEO Services

Data Analytics Specialist Certification

  •  Pairview Limited
  •  Jul 2021 - Aug 2017

Certified in Data Analysis

PhD-Public Health

  •  • Walden University Minneapolis, U.S.A
  •  Dec 2011 - Nov 2016

Doctorate degree in Public Health subspecialty Epidemiology.

MSc- Medical Microbiology

  •  • Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike , Nigeria
  •  Jun 2002 - Aug 2004

BSc- Microbiology

  •  University of Benin ,Nigeria
  •  Sep 1987 - Aug 1991